Strata Wynwood

Project Use: New Construction Residential Rental Development
Address: Wynwood, Miami
Size: +- 257 units
Scope of Work: Lobby, amenities, corridors, units
Client: Undisclosed
Architect: Stantec

Strata Wynwood is a new construction residential rental project located in Wynwood, Miami Florida.

Unison Group was brought onto this project to create an alluring design identity in the gentrifying neighborhood of Wynwood, Miami. Understanding the design identity for comparable projects in this area, we wanted to create spaces for the Strata Wynwood project that had the same great playful elements, but also made sure to add some characteristics to make it unique and stand apart. Thus, we had chosen to design human scale interior and exterior spaces that evoked a sense of sophistication, while incorporating the necessary playful and whimsical essence of Wynwood. It was essential to take advantage of the physical location and warm weather of Miami to create a retreat-like urban oasis in the Wynwood district.