Who We Are

Through the years, Unison Group has grown into a collection of skilled studio members, many with an architectural or fine arts background and all with an incredibly varied practice in hospitality, residential and experiential design.

Our in-depth knowledge of real estate, architecture, engineering and construction allows us to have an empathetic approach to our work. Our ability to work productively with cross-functional teams has allowed us to continuously be put forth as preferred allies for projects of all sizes. As we have an in-depth approach to the projects we work on, we are typically engaged at the project inception. Through early engagement, we have the ability to truly design the project from the inside out, in unison with all other disciplines. Our designs represent the aspiration of our clients and are a physical representation of the narrative that runs through the project. All of our work embodies a sense of thoughtfulness and care and is truly the epitome of ‘anything is possible’.

The finished form of our work is expressed with poise, play and subdued elegance.