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Interior Design Wants Versus Needs

A study of the discrepancy between reserve fund studies and actual improvements.

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We create spaces that perpetuate human curiosity.

Our designs are a reflection of our curiosity of colour, form, material and the multi-faceted aspects of art and culture. Each collaboration becomes its own identity that is exquisitely different and unique. Unison’s collection of designers, craftspeople and project managers have worked on 5-star hospitality, luxury residential and commercial projects around the world. Each difference of thought and opinion bring valuable perspective to the projects. As a result, the spaces we design are always vibrant, multi-faceted and have significant depth and richness.

Our act of designing is actualizing potential in the dialogue we have with a client or stakeholder, our understanding of the context and a firm acknowledgement of the aspiration of the project. The process of design is an iterative process of fine tuning the built form. We are in constant exploration of all aspects of our curiosity. The insight, strength and elegance we bring to all our collaborations are endless and without boundaries. We firmly believe in the trajectory of our work beyond our immediate involvement and are fully engaged in as aspects of it.


The attention and care we put into our interiors extend beyond the parameters of our immediate scope of work and are thoughtfully integrated with the surrounding architecture, landscape and geographic location. From our keen understanding of development, architecture and engineering, we are able to work respectfully as a partner and ally on the creation of the architectural form, from an interior design perspective. We are involved with the project at the onset and work in tandem with the team to design the project from the inside out.

We have a firm understanding of how to integrate all aspects of the interior architecture into our space through curating and guiding the engineering into the finished interior product in a way that exists to support the project and ultimately the interior experience.

Our detailed design documentation captures the overall strategy and has immense value when it comes to construction and adhering to the project vision.


The interiors are the most valuable asset for development and the crux of all project decisions.

Our experience of being the client and developer provides us with the knowledge of the importance of a clearly articulated design vision and which aspects of our input are most valuable. We are thoughtful and knowledgeable about how to exist within a greater team in a way where we consistently add value. We have the ability to act as a partner which is a testament to our knowledge of our value in the projects we work on.

Additionally, we are also able to support the venture in a limited capacity and have the ability to procure furniture, millwork and general fit-out and are able to proceed with the project in a design / build, turn-key approach.